The Peace Journal was created as a resource to inspire and encourage others to adopt a peaceful lifestyle.  We believe that optimal emotional health that is satisfying spiritually, cognitively, and emotionally is within reach for all of us.  The Peace Journal aims to demystify how to achieve a state of inner peace, to help anyone build a safe sanctuary within themselves.

The Peace Journal was created and is moderated by Diane Webb, LMHC.  Diane is a psychotherapist in upstate New York that specializes in anxiety reduction, post-traumatic stress disorder, overcoming depression, transpersonal therapy and achieving emotional peak performance.

The Peace Journal welcomes guest posts from others.  We are looking for:  1) Helping Professionals that would like to share their knowledge and expertise in our main content areas; 2) Anyone willing to share their journey towards emotional wellness to promote the well-being of others by sharing a personal, uplifting story.

Please read through the information in ‘Contribute To The Peace Journal’ before submitting a guest post.  We look forward to reviewing your submissions!

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