Thank you very much for visiting our page, and for considering to contribute a piece for our website.  Please review the application instructions to submit a proposal for our page:

1) Please only email a proposal for an article with a tentative article title.  This will be reviewed within two weeks to determine if it is a good fit for the site.  Email proposals to:

2) If the proposal is accepted, please return a draft of the article within two weeks.  At this time, the website moderator and author will work together to ensure that the piece is compelling, informative, and meets the needs of the community on The Peace Journal.

3) Please write about something you have expertise or professional experience in.  If you are not a professional in the helping field, please consider a personal journey or inspiring life lesson that you learned and are willing to share with the audience on The Peace Journal.  No matter what type of author or article it is, please note that the focus should be on take-away advice and information.   The primary goal is for our readers to have access to information that can better their own emotional lives.

4) Please aim to write between 800 – 1500 words in your article for the optimal length.

5) By submitting an article to The Peace Journal, you attest that the article is your work alone and was not previously published anywhere else before appearing on The Peace Journal.

6) Please note that The Peace Journal cannot accommodate affiliate links on guest posts at this time.

7) When you submit your draft, please also include a short (max 150 word) bio to include in your contribution with all information regarding published books, blogs, websites, and social media pages you would like to be presented with your article. If you wish, you may include a photo of yourself to pair with your bio.

Thank you for considering us as part of your outreach!


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