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Finding Happiness, Reducing Anxiety, Self-Esteem

To You, Who Feels Beaten Down by Life

I see you struggling to smile. Sometimes you even struggle to keep your head up. You are one of those people who has endured heartache after heartache, one problem always smaller then the next one that’s around the corner. Life has been really hard. I believe you. You never seem to catch a break. I …

Finding Happiness, Lifestyle Change, Mindful Lifestyle, Peak Performance

A Peaceful Living Holiday Survival Guide

Did you hear the first Christmas carol of the season play and thought to yourself, “Oh ACK! Not Yet!!!” When you see your neighbors’ decorations go up, does your heart start to beat a little faster and do your palms get sweaty? For me, the feeling of excitement and happiness of the on-coming holiday season …


My Burden to Bear?

When I became a firefighter 31 years ago, no one ever told me about the sad and dark side of helping others. I saw the glory photos. The pictures of the fires, the rescues, the heroics. What I didn’t see were the pictures of those who would die in my arms, the children who couldn’t …