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Finding Happiness, Peak Performance, Self-Esteem, Thought Management

Claiming Your Happiness Back From the Shame Cycle

We have become a shame-based society.  Evidence of this is playing out in front of our eyes every day on social media.  Here, we see moms shaming other moms, older generations shaming younger ones, conservatives shaming liberals (and vice versa).  The list of shamers and shamees is endless.  What I am exposed to even more, …

Finding Happiness, Lifestyle Change, Mindfulness, Peak Performance

10 Quotes to Inspire you to Slow Down and Enjoy Life NOW

My son turned four two weeks ago.  We celebrated hard:  custom cake, balloons everywhere, a big party, goodie bags and even homemade slime for all the kids.  Throughout the celebrations I was a bit emotional.  I want more time.  I want more time when he is little, while he wants hugs, a time in which …