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Mindful Lifestyle, Reducing Anxiety

Soothe Your Soul and Mind: Ways to Cope With This Toxic Political Environment

After the events of Dr. Blasey-Ford and Judge Kavanaugh’s testimony last week there has been a clash of opinions, political interests and worldviews that led friends and family members debating each other on what is right for us as individuals, and as a country.  I am willing to guess that many people out there are …

Finding Happiness, Peak Performance, Self-Esteem

Motherhood and Body Positivity: A Journey of Acceptance and Gratitude

On May 25, 2018 my youngest son started his journey into the world and it was a whirlwind. As we rushed to the hospital, my husband looked increasingly nervous about the frequency of my contractions. That beautiful baby came into the world fearlessly, with lightning speed that I didn’t even know was possible. Much to …